Filson Sportsmen Camera Bag

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The Sportsmen Camera Bag by Filson - A camera bag based on the Sportsmen Bag with a... more
Product information "Filson Sportsmen Camera Bag"

The Sportsmen Camera Bag by Filson - A camera bag based on the Sportsmen Bag with a rain-repellent design. Made of waterproof cotton (Thin Cloth and Rugged Twill). Trimmed with several pockets and saddle leather. Inside equipped with several padded compartments and removable modular dividers that keep your equipment protected.


  • Large zippered opening 
  • 2 bellows pockets 
  • 2 flap pockets
  • 1 storage bag with 2 modular compartments
  • strong padding
  • waterproof fabric 
  • removable, padded inner dividers 
  • detachable wide carrying strap 
  • Dimensions approx. height 22 cm, width 26 cm, length 40 cm
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Luggage from Filson in Seattle withstands the toughest demands. Already in the last great gold rush at Klondike at the end of the 19th century, Filson products were among the favourites of the gold prospectors of the time due to their exceptional robustness. The luggage consists of a particularly heavy, densely woven cotton twill (746 g/m²), which has been made water-resistant by treatment with a special paraffin wax. Zippers and other metal parts are made of corrosion-resistant brass, all leather applications are made of particularly strong vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. The bags are still manufactured in Filson's factory in Seattle. For cleaning, wipe or brush with a damp sponge. Do not wash, do not dry clean. The zippers may be a little difficult to move at first, but this will wear off over time; the saddle leather also becomes softer with use. 

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