Koike StripedShirt

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Striped shirt by Koike made of pure cotton. Details: Material: 100% cotton Fit:... more
Product information "Koike StripedShirt"

Striped shirt by Koike made of pure cotton.


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Fit: Slim, waisted
  • Colour: lightblue, striped
  • collar: shark collar
  • Care: 40°C
Material: Baumwolle
Kleidungsstück: Hemden
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The first thing that Koike Escayola does when he arrives at a place is to look for the highest point and try to climb to the top to get a perspective and view the landscape from there.
"This view, from above, makes me understand better where I am and where I want to go"
This is also how Koike designs his shirts, with the visionary ambition that led his great-grandfather to found a family business for men's textiles as early as 1888. The same company, later his grandfather and then his father, knew how to make him grow and led him to create his own brand of men's shirts, which he called what he was called: KOIKE
If there is one thing that distinguishes this shirtmaker from Barcelona, it is his incombustible energy, which grows exponentially over the years, his friendly and generous character, wasted on customers who are already "friends", and his passion for travelling to absorb everything.
"I am fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to my passion and to specialize in what I can really do: men's shirts".
A place, a reading or a bike ride through the Empordà can be a great source of inspiration for Koike, who is obsessed with choosing the right fabric or paying attention to the smallest packing detail when shipping. He distinguishes himself from the others by creating unique prints, giving the already washed fabric "the feeling that it has always been yours" and an endless number of small details that his shirts can be found in the best sales outlets in Europe. In short, Koike is a shirt brand that should be worn by men who dare to give a twist to the usual classics.

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