Bon Parfumeur Fragrance 103

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Bon Parfumeur's fragrance 103 begins with a light and fresh top note of bergamot. The heart... more
Product information "Bon Parfumeur Fragrance 103"

Bon Parfumeur's fragrance 103 begins with a light and fresh top note of bergamot. The heart reveals a floral character with jasmine, gardenia and heliotropin. The base reveals nuances of vanilla and tiaré blossoms, and all the fragrances can be combined. Bon Parfumeur invites you to create your own individual fragrance. For the Mix & Match with 103, Bon Parfumeur recommends the fragrances 001, 801 and 902.

Top notes: Bergamot, genet, hibiscus

Heart notes: Arabic Jasmine, Neroli, Frangipani

Base notes: white sand, vanilla, musk


  • Floral fragrance
  • Mix & Match
  • Created by Karine Dubreuil
  • Glass bottle with atomizer


Farbe: rosa
Material: Glas
Größe: 30 ml
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Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur stands for unique fragrances. Coming from France, Bon Parfumeur developed a concept that enables fragrance lovers to create their own individual personal fragrance. Bon Parfumeur's fragrances can easily be described as niche fragrances with a unique concept.

Each unique formula combines the most beautiful fragrances with a consideration of a more contemporary perspective - resulting in a collection of modern creative fragrances. The three fragrances that define each perfume are named on the label (101 Rose, Pea, White Cedar). The initial number indicates the olfactory family of the perfume. Fragrance lovers can put together their own individual fragrance from the available scent compositions and create their own personal perfume.

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