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UPDATE: SAFETY FIRST - RUN   The 10th Tweed Run in Oldenburg still has to... more
Product information "Starter card Tweed Run"



The 10th Tweed Run in Oldenburg still has to wait... We have been hoping for a long time, and we have agreed and planned alternatives. But at this point in time, the imponderables are too great and the safety of all involved has absolute priority. So there will be no Oldenburg Tweed Run this year. We hope with you for a positive development and that we can start our anniversary Tweed Run in April or May 2021. ⠀

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Postponed to 2021!

Starter card for the 10th Oldenburg Tweed Run

1 starter card for the Tweed Run is for one person and includes

- your starting number
- Roadmap
- Frame sticker
- Bike ride part 1 ( ca 45 min tour duration )
- Shower break
- Bike ride part 2 ( ca 45 min tour duration )
- Tea Time with Scones / Biscuits
- further drinks and various meals are optionally available
- Price per day 27,50 - Registration also possible at the start
- advance booking price 25,-- €

The majority of the entry fee is donated to a good cause

We will NOT send you a map by mail!
The invoice is considered as registration and must be brought along.
You will receive your starter card upon presentation of the invoice at the registration stand on September 06th at the Oldenburger Waffenplatz

further information under :

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