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KREAFUNK is a Danish lifestyle brand with a simple philosophy: Life should not be an eternal quest for perfection. We celebrate and welcome the diversity of an everyday life, where it is the little things that make it extraordinary.
You don't have to climb mountains to enjoy the good life, you don't need a design-filled home to impress, you don't have to be beautiful to be cool. Forget perfection!
KREAFUNK is for real people who live a real life. For those who really know how to adapt to the good life. We encourage everyone to get the best out of their lives. At all times. Anywhere. Actually, let's put it this way:
I'm not living to retire. Dance while the music plays.

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With its unique design and many details, aMOVE has the right to boast of its beauty. The look is very appealing and aMOVE radiates an elegant charm that puts it in the spotlight. aMOVE is a small and compact wireless speaker with...
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