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over 50 years of die form - click here for more information - die form form since 1971

Le Bonnet Beanie Flame

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"The best hat ever made by mankind," according to Le Bonnet. This product is certified by... more
Product information "Le Bonnet Beanie Flame"

"The best hat ever made by mankind," according to Le Bonnet.
This product is certified by Caregora™ (the first high quality Angora fibre to be selected and certified).
Covered and manufactured in Scotland.


  •     75% lambswool, 25% angora
  •     Fluffy soft
  •     ribbed knitted
  •     Wool from Scotland
  •     made in Scotland
  •     One size fits all
  •     Care: chemical cleaning
Colour: orange
Accesories: Headwear
Materials: Angora-Mischung
Kleidungsstück: Beanies & Caps
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
Le Bonnet

Born in Paris, designed in Amsterdam.

As a brand in current society we aim for sustainability and durability. You don’t buy our product for one season only, it will last for a long period of time as we use specifically the best available fibers. The ‘Made in Scotland’ label on our Bonnets stands for craftsmanship and quality.
Our factory was founded over 170 years ago, being one of the oldest factories in the UK.

All products are knitted on traditional machineries. The technique used to make these products has been passed down through generations. After the knitting process, the beanies are washed, pressed and checked thoroughly. We would like to welcome you to our world, a world of creating the best accessories made by mankind.

This handcrafted product is easy to wear and will always turn heads as its quality oozes luxury. The subtle invisible branding enhances style and class. This beanie will complete your everyday look. Our product is made with love and care, please treat with the respect it deserves.

Check regularly on our website for new colour updates.

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