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Shoto Sterling 18-005 Dumortiert

Shoto Sterling 18-005 Dumortiert
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  • 18-005-dumortierit-.M
  • Individuelle Anfertigungen der Shoto Sterling Armbänder sind vom Umtausch und der Rückgabe ausgeschlossen!
Handmade Shoto Sterling silver and dumorized bracelet. Details:    ... more
Product information "Shoto Sterling 18-005 Dumortiert"

Handmade Shoto Sterling silver and dumorized bracelet.


  •     Luxurious bracelet by Shoto Sterling
  •     925 Sterling Silver ca 10 mm ∅
  •     Dumorized matt ca 10 mm ∅
  •     Mounted on a flexible strap for a good and comfortable fit
  •     Packaging in satin bag
  •     Handmade in Germany

The sizes M and L are usually in stock, S and XL can be made for you on request.
We ask for your understanding that individually made Shoto Sterling bracelets are excluded from exchange and return!

Size S - for wrist circumference of approx. 16.5 cm
Size M - for wrist circumference of approx. 17.5 cm
Size L - for wrist circumference of approx. 18.5 cm
Size XL - for wrist circumference of approx. 19.5 cm

Material: Stein
Accessoires: Armbänder
With the centuries-old experience of the Zuni and Navajo Indians, all silver parts are... mehr

With the centuries-old experience of the Zuni and Navajo Indians, all silver parts are traditionally handcrafted in the southwest of the United States.
The processed silver has a fineness of at least 925/1000 and comes from certified American mines, which are subject to the control of the American environmental authorities.

Deep contrasts are created by oxidation and subsequent polishing.
High-standing parts thus regain a smooth, shiny surface, joints, grooves and recesses remain dark.
Each silver part is processed individually and by hand.  Thus each part becomes individual and unique.

We process exclusively high-quality semi-precious stones in selected qualities, up to "AA" and "AAA" grades.
The processed stones and minerals are sawn, processed and polished in certified companies in Germany, North America, Thailand and India.

For ethical and political reasons we consciously refrain from purchasing semi-precious stones and minerals from China.

In some designs we use prehistoric mammoth ivory beads that are at least 4,500 years old.
We source our mammoth beads from Alaska, where the Inuit dig them out of the ice and process them.

The pearls we process from petrified dinosaur bones in precious stone quality are among the rarest fossils in the world.
They come from dinosaurs who lived on the Colorado Plateau in the southwest of the USA about 150 million years ago.

Our current "highlight" are bands with a central sphere made of "Campo del Cielo" meteorite. This meteorite originates from the asteroid belt and is as old as our solar system (4.2 - 4.3 billion years).
The design, the compilation and the manufacturing of all jewellery parts is done in passionate manual work in Germany.
Problem-free reordering: Shoto Streling manufactures desired styles and sizes within max. one to two weeks, provided that sufficient material is available.  (currently in over 95% of all cases)

DUMORTIERIT Dumortierite is a rare mineral and is formed from magma with high amounts of... mehr


Dumortierite is a rare mineral and is formed from magma with high amounts of silicon dioxide and boric acid. By incorporating other minerals blue, green-blue, violet or reddish-violet variations are formed. Dumortierite has a glass-like luster, but also occurs with a matt surface.
The mineral cannot be dissolved in acid and does not melt in the flame.
Dumortierite can be found in Germany, France, New Zealand, England and the USA.

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The... mehr

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The fineness is therefore 925/1000.

The name refers to the British pound sterling, sterling silver was the coin material of the early English silver pennies, the so-called "sterlings".

The term "Sterling" derives from "e(a)sterling" (coming from the East) and denotes early penny coins imported from mainland Europe to England. Before 1200 the term was also used in France.

Sterling silver is used today for silver jewellery, coins, medals, cups, postage stamps, cutlery, flutes and lacquering of light metal rims. It is harder compared to pure silver. The colour is slightly redder compared to pure silver. Molten pure silver can absorb up to 20 times its own volume of oxygen, which suddenly escapes under a "splattering" noise during solidification and tears open the surface. The copper content reduces the risk of spraying and increases the hardness of the silver.

Source: Wikipedia

Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
Shoto Sterling

​​​Mit der Jahrhunderte alten Erfahrung der Zuni und Navajo Indianer werden alle Silberteile in traditioneller Handarbeit im Südwesten der U.S.A. gefertigt.
Das verarbeitete Silber hat einen Feingehalt von mindestens 925/1000 und stammt aus zertifizierten amerikanischen Minen, die der Kontrolle der amerikanischen Umweltbehörden unterliegen.

Tiefe Kontraste entstehen durch Oxidation und anschließendes Polieren. Hochstehende Teile erhalten so wieder eine glatte, glänzende Oberfläche, Fugen, Rillen, Vertiefungen bleiben dunkel. Jedes Silberteil wird einzeln und von Hand bearbeitet.  So wird jedes Teil individuell und einzigartig. 

Wir verarbeiten ausschließlich hochwertige Halbedelsteine in ausgesuchten Qualitäten, bis hin zu "AA" und "AAA" Sortierungen. Die verarbeiteten Steine und Mineralien werden in zertifizierten Betrieben in Deutschland, Nordamerika, Thailand und Indien gesägt, bearbeitet und poliert.

​Wir verzichten aus ethischen und politischen Gründen bewusst auf den Einkauf von Halbedelsteinen und Mineralien aus China.

In einigen Designs verwenden wir Perlen aus prähistorischem Mammut-Elfenbein, die mindestens 4.500 Jahre alt sind.
Wir beziehen unsere Mammutperlen aus Alaska, wo sie von den Inuit aus dem Eis ausgegraben und verarbeitet werden.

Die von uns verarbeiteten Perlen aus versteinerten Dinosaurierknochen in Edelsteinqualität gehören zu den seltensten Fossilien der Welt.
Sie stammen von Dinosauriern, die vor etwa 150 Millionen Jahren auf dem Colorado Plateau im Südwesten der USA lebten.

Unser momentanes "Highlight" sind Bänder mit einer zentralen Kugel aus "Campo del Cielo"-Meteorit. Dieser Meteorit stammt ursprünglich aus dem Asteroidengürtel und ist so alt wie unser Sonnensystem (4,2 - 4,3 Milliarden Jahre).
​Das Design, die Zusammenstellung und Fertigung aller Schmuckteile erfolgt in passionierter Handarbeit in Deutschland.

​Problemlose Nachbestellung: Shoto Streling fertigt gewünschte Styles und Größen innerhalb max. ein bis zwei Wochen, sofern ausreichend Material vorrätig.  (momentan in über 95% aller Fälle)

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