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Emma Opitz Kollwitz Orange

Emma Opitz Kollwitz Orange
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Lederling Kollwitz Kanadisches, vegetabil gegerbtes Gruben-Leder von Hand mit... more
Product information "Emma Opitz Kollwitz Orange"

Lederling Kollwitz

Kanadisches, vegetabil gegerbtes Gruben-Leder von Hand mit orange-farbenem Hanfzwirn umwickelt und mehrfach gewachst.


  • Farbe: orange
  • Robuster Schnapphaken und Schäkel
  • Schnapphakenlänge ca. 5,2 cm
  • Gesamtlänge ca. 40-44 cm
  • Made in Berlin

Aufgrund individueller Handarbeit, der Verwendung unterschiedlicher Techniken, sowie der Naturbedingtheit der Materialen, können Längen und Farben geringfügig abweichen.

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Emma Opitz

Taste and good style are not always immediately recognizable. Unless you meet a leatherling. Whether adequately at the wrist, casually from the trouser pocket hanging or skillfully at the writing instrument fastened, a Lederling is recognition mark for good style.
When Emma Opitz, who grew up on a farm in Silesia, teaches her grandson the Silesian knot, he not only sees the benefit in it, but also the aesthetic potential. Marc Türkheim (grandson) lovingly handcrafts the leatherlings in the Berlin manufactory. High-quality materials, such as Canadian, vegetable-tanned pit leather or the finest hemp twine complete the leather pieces.

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