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Emma Opitz Lederwichser neutral

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Product information "Emma Opitz Lederwichser neutral"

The leather wanker is lovingly and gently prepared in the small leather workshop according to an old recipe and filled by hand. Rich oils nourish the leather without over-greasing it, so it always retains its stability. Best bees and carnauba waxes protect the precious leather from humidity, snow edges and salts. After drying and polishing, your leather is exceptionally shiny.


Beeswax, carnauba wax, natural oils, exquisite fragrances, no solvents. No bullshit.

Application guide

Squeeze a small amount of the leather weight to release the oils in the wax.
Choose the amount between a pea and a hazelnut, depending on the care needs of the leather.
Distribute the leather wanker evenly in the hands and massage it into the leather in constantly circular movements.
At seams and eyelets it is recommended to remove residual wax with a brush if necessary.
Depending on the amount applied, the leather wanker can be polished with a goat hair brush after its natural drying time. (alternatively, a fine nylon stocking is also suitable).
Careful! Less is more!

Colour: natural
Accesories: Shoe Care
Emma Opitz

Taste and good style are not always immediately recognizable. Unless you meet a leatherling. Whether adequately at the wrist, casually from the trouser pocket hanging or skillfully at the writing instrument fastened, a Lederling is recognition mark for good style.
When Emma Opitz, who grew up on a farm in Silesia, teaches her grandson the Silesian knot, he not only sees the benefit in it, but also the aesthetic potential. Marc Türkheim (grandson) lovingly handcrafts the leatherlings in the Berlin manufactory. High-quality materials, such as Canadian, vegetable-tanned pit leather or the finest hemp twine complete the leather pieces.