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TANGENT GC 042 fabric softener

TANGENT GC 042 fabric softener
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Aloe Vera and peach oil, care for your clothes gently and is also very skin-friendly.... more
Product information "TANGENT GC 042 fabric softener"

Aloe Vera and peach oil, care for your clothes gently and is also very skin-friendly. Tangentgc's fabric softener makes your clothes easier to iron and virtually wrinkle-free. The Swedish masters of cleaning have developed the fabric softener, a product that does justice to the demanding materials of their clothing and offers them what they really need.


  • 30% Aqua
  • 15-30% citric acid
  • 5% xanthan gum
  • lauryl polyglucose
  • Essential oils from peaches
  • Vegetable betaine
  • Potassium citrate and aloe vera
  • 300 ml


Accesories: Laundry Detergent
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

The Swedish label is the master of cleaning. Together with care professionals, Tangent GC develops a whole range of high-quality premium detergents. These do justice to the demanding fabrics of our clothing. They clean and protect without losing sight of the environment. The label focuses on products without chemical additives to prolong the life of our favourite pieces and thus wants to declare war on harsh chemical detergents, which mostly remove stains, but are quite hard on the pieces and pollute them. David Samuelsson, the founder of Tangent GC, draws on a family history rich in tradition. Even his grandfather knew how to clean his few but beloved garments. The passionate chimney sweep was always elegantly dressed and took great care with his clothes. This is a quality that is unfortunately neglected in today's fast-fashion society. But that is exactly what Tangent GC wants to change with its products. Tangent stands for quality and love of nature. In terms of ingredients, you won't find the usual chemical cocktail; only natural, organic and ecological ingredients are used in the Swedish premium and underwear care products. Tangent GC combines the high demand for care and protection of sophisticated clothing with the careful treatment of nature and the environment. No chemicals are needed to keep clothes clean, which only overburdens nature and fabric.

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