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The Heritage Post No.30

The Heritage Post No.30
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It feels like there are already 10,000 magazines, so why another magazine? Because we miss the... more
Product information "The Heritage Post No.30"

It feels like there are already 10,000 magazines, so why another magazine?

Because we miss the one! Maybe you, too? One that is different, that goes deeper, that doesn't depict illusions and that simply runs against time in these fast-moving times.

This is a magazine that was created very unconventionally, but with a lot of dedication and heart and soul. Which runs contrary to trends and fashion, in which brands and products are thematised that you may not yet know, but should definitely get to know. Why now? Because it's time? Because it's about time.

We are surrounded by mass products, fashion hypes, frozen food, Swedish home design. Short-lived and usually quite boring. Or it's about superficial luxury and status symbols, fashion trends and expensive, because trendy, brands. What does not always have to do with quality. Most of them take part, run along, imitate, because only what is carried by the masses and propagated by fashion magazines is understood. Authentic is something else. And all this no longer has anything in common with originality and exclusivity. But where are the products that are associated with a story, a passion, a craft?

They exist. That is the beautiful thing. And they've usually been around for quite some time. That's probably the amazing thing. The jeans you miss are deep blue, made from the best cotton and last for many years. The shoe you are looking for has perhaps been made exactly as you can buy it today for 100 years. Made of the best leather, with the best knowledge, in a long tradition of craftsmanship. The watch you have in mind may have been designed half a century ago and, like jeans and shoes, has become more and more valuable and beautiful over the years.

They give their best all year round, and you can expect the same!

With this men's magazine we would like to make it easier for interested people to find and understand such products. In this respect, it is definitely a didactic magazine which wants to contribute to products being appreciated again, production methods and prices being understood and the reader forming his own opinion and style. With this magazine we would like to present a consistently good style in all areas of life. We will show you special things, new products as well as almost forgotten ones, vintage products that become more beautiful and develop individuality.

Just like we men... sometimes.

This issue is in German

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