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Emma Opitz Pssst Officer Car Wallet

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Now you have the opportunity to give your car papers a little more style! The Pssst...OFFICER... more
Product information "Emma Opitz Pssst Officer Car Wallet"

Now you have the opportunity to give your car papers a little more style! The Pssst...OFFICER offers space with 2 compartments for your driver's license (card form), your car papers and of course, if you want, the "50 Bucks"! Why should good taste stop with your car...?!

The Pssst...OFFICER 100% handmade by Emma Opitz. From the cutting and dyeing, over the solid hand set saddler seam with which the thread is knotted once per seam hole, up to the edge and wax polishing. The seam is made of a very strong trout thread, which guarantees a very long durability.

The leather

South German, vegetable tanned pit leather. For more than 160 years this tannery has been producing exclusively leather in the so-called vegetable pit tanning. Here the raw cowhide is tanned by the exclusive use of natural materials such as oak bark and chestnut wood extract. The slow and gentle pit notching produces leather of the highest quality.


  • Colour: Light brown
  • 2 card slots
  • Handmade in Berlin

Due to individual handwork, the use of different techniques and the naturalness of the materials, lengths and colours may vary slightly.

Material: Leder
Accessoires: Geldbörsen
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Emma Opitz

Taste and good style are not always immediately recognizable. Unless you meet a leatherling. Whether adequately at the wrist, casually from the trouser pocket hanging or skillfully at the writing instrument fastened, a Lederling is recognition mark for good style.
When Emma Opitz, who grew up on a farm in Silesia, teaches her grandson the Silesian knot, he not only sees the benefit in it, but also the aesthetic potential. Marc Türkheim (grandson) lovingly handcrafts the leatherlings in the Berlin manufactory. High-quality materials, such as Canadian, vegetable-tanned pit leather or the finest hemp twine complete the leather pieces.