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Seldom Pullover

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Sweater made of cotton blend by Seldom in Germany. High comfort sweater without seams. ... more
Product information "Seldom Pullover"

Sweater made of cotton blend by Seldom in Germany. High comfort sweater without seams. 


  • 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% spandex
  • White
  • Reversible
  • wider than usual
  • seamless
  • KBT - Controls organic animal husbandry
  • Made in Germany
  • Care: hand wash

The technology of knitting sweaters completely without seams on a machine was developed at the end of the 20th century (1997-1999). Essentially to enable further production in high-wage countries (Italy, Japan, Germany). Since programming is only mastered by trained specialists, and knitting production has been relocated in recent years to low-wage countries in Asia, the technology has not become widely accepted.


  • High wearing comfort of the sweater without annoying seams
  • Gentle use of resources, as no waste is generated during production
  • Individual production in Germany with short transport routes

Seldom has combined this seamless technology with plating technology. The sweaters are knitted with 2 threads. A special knitting system is used, so that one thread is visible on the right side and the second thread on the left side (plating technique). In the plating technique, the second colour is never completely covered. This results in new and unusual colour combinations from both the right and the left stitch side. The result is a reversible sweater without seams! Seldom uses an extra fine merino wool yarn from Italy for her knitwear. Each sweater is washed, which makes the knitted fabric felt slightly. This results in the soft voluminous handle. A new favourite of the basic wardrobe, Made in Germany, independent of fashion trends with a reduced stylistics.

Material: Baumwolle
Kleidungsstück: Strick
A special sweater, which captivates by its quality and does not depend on fashion trends, but... mehr

A special sweater, which captivates by its quality and does not depend on fashion trends, but rather on the perfection of the existing. This is the sweater from the knitting factory Seldom. The family-owned company, which is painstakingly handcrafted and 100% manufactured in Germany, focuses on sustainability: the best raw materials from Italy and modern technologies that avoid production waste. The technologies also offer a further advantage: seamless knitting results in a sweater with no seams - a unique wearing comfort. In combination with the plating technique, in which two threads are knitted, the result is a reversible sweater with different colour combinations for men and women.

Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

SELDOM has always set a high standard in the use of materials, high quality finishing and innovative progress in the knitting sector - "for us the synthesis of creativity and technical implementation".

The idea of sustainability is moving more and more into the foreground. The focus is on the origin of raw materials and yarns as well as the use of modern technologies to reduce production waste. Today Seldom produces for the local market "Central Europe" in Germany and in nearby European countries.

"We produce favorite pieces with a timeless design that is not dictated by the constant new, but rather by perfecting and developing the existing."