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Phil Petter Alpin Knitted Sweater

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Fine sweater from the house of Phil Petter. This sweater is knitted from pure cotton and is... more
Product information "Phil Petter Alpin Knitted Sweater"

Fine sweater from the house of Phil Petter. This sweater is knitted from pure cotton and is therefore especially soft on the skin. The 8-strand cotton yarn gives the piece a particularly nice feel.


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Colour: Light blue
  • Fit: normal
Colour: blue, grey
Materials: Cotton
Kleidungsstück: Knitwear
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
Phil Petter

"We don't make anything that doesn't completely excite us", that's the standard with which Phil Petter is constantly looking for new challenges and innovative ideas - and all this to make the fashion-conscious man look better. With a great deal of passion and attention to detail, unique sweaters made of extra-fine merino wool with maximum feel-good factor, high-quality full-length pieces in a vintage look with colour gradient, sporty knitwear with matt, technical nylon quilting and fine cardigans with luxurious lambskin are created. A range that more than meets the demands of the quality-conscious modern man. In the family-owned factory in Dornbirn, Austria, we produce from the first thread, prefabricated fabrics are sought in vain. In the beginning, the extremely carefully selected finest Italian yarns are used and even accessories such as ribbons are knitted in Dornbirn to ensure the perfect colour combination. In order to have the quality of buttons, zippers and leather "in sight", they come from the immediate vicinity, from manufacturers and craftsmen in Italy, Germany and Austria. And the highly sensitive process of dyeing is only entrusted to the most renowned dye works of the luxury segment in Italy, the Petters do not make any compromises here either. The result of 40 years of experience and know-how of the Petter family and their employees in traditional and modern craftsmanship, is a high quality knitwear fashion that is characterised by exceptional durability and shape retention. The perfect combination of look and feel are the outstanding features of these manufactured products. With the courage of authenticity, Phil Petter has created the current collections which are contemporary, innovative and comfortable, true to the motto: "Tradition paired with curiosity for the new".

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