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Emanuel Berg Shirt

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Flannel shirt by Emanuel Berg made of 100 % cotton with paisley pattern. The handle is very... more
Product information "Emanuel Berg Shirt"

Flannel shirt by Emanuel Berg made of 100 % cotton with paisley pattern. The handle is very soft. The Paisley pattern is slightly washed out and therefore looks very discreet.


  • 100% cotton
  • Fit: Modern Fit = waisted
  • Blue-Brown, Paisley
  • Shark collar
Material: Stretch
Kleidungsstück: Hemden
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Emanuel Berg

Simply the right collar size

It is something special to wear a shirt or a blouse by Emanuel Berg. Not only because only the finest full threads of the most renowned Italian weaving mills are used, but also because these high-quality fabrics are processed with the utmost care.
This is only possible thanks to the special know-how and the right touch for a production method that is still oriented to the high values of individual manufactories today. From the handmade cut to the embroidered monogram, stitch by stitch, a quality is created that convinces in every single detail.

The small big difference: The seams of all Emanuel Berg shirts are not sewn as usual with seven stitches per centimetre, but with nine. After careful cutting, sleeves, collars and cuffs are sewn by hand, only genuine mother-of-pearl is used for the buttons. And they are not simply sewn on, as the whole world does, but in Florentine style. The sewing thread is shaped like a buttercup over the holes of the button - beauty with every little thing. And on a handle, of course.

Nowadays, which is unfortunately determined by mass production, we offer blouses and shirts for a small group of people who still value quality and would like to individually design their blouses and shirts.
Our high-quality processing between front and back part, makes our shirt an unmistakable premium product of the international top class!

The high-quality workmanship of the front and back parts results in premium products of the international top class that are unmistakably comfortable to wear. Of course you can give free rein to your own wishes, from the colour scheme to extras. Contrast buttonholes, coloured button sewing thread or high-contrast collars and cuffs as well as sleeve patches make it easy for you to underline your personal style.

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