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DU4 Shirt Davis Techno-Stretch

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Classic "Davis" shirt from DU4 made of high-quality techno-stretch fabric that fits the upper... more
Product information "DU4 Shirt Davis Techno-Stretch"

Classic "Davis" shirt from DU4 made of high-quality techno-stretch fabric that fits the upper body perfectly. The shirt has a shark collar that can be worn with a tie or open. The fabric is not transparent. All buttons are made of precious mother-of-pearl. Despite a 30% polyamide content, the fabric is very breathable.


  • Fabric: 65 % cotton, 30 % polyamide, 5 % spandex.
  • Colour: White / Blue / Black
  • Fit: Italian fit
  • Collar: Shark collar
  • Slightly waisted
  • Care: 40 °C



Colour: black, blue, white
Materials: Cotton-Mix
Kleidungsstück: Shirts
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Until the 1950s, traditional shirt making used soft collar inserts that were not glued to the outer fabric. This original manufacturing technique inspired DU4 to do the same. The shirt collar nestles wonderfully softly against the neck without constricting. Looks good - and feels even better. In addition to aesthetic aspects, comfort and durability also play a role in the manufacturing process. For example, the buttons on a DU4 shirt with handle are sewn on and welded. The handle guarantees easy buttoning, while welding prevents the buttons from coming loose. All buttonholes are always embroidered with approx. 180 stitches and remain stable for a long time.

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