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Zeha Berlin Trainer 835 Blaumann Denim

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The authentic vintage look of the trainers is based on Zeha special and training shoes from the... more
Product information "Zeha Berlin Trainer 835 Blaumann Denim"

The authentic vintage look of the trainers is based on Zeha special and training shoes from the 60s, which at that time were designed with crepe soles and ring reinforcement strips. The trainer combines noble shoe design with a high degree of wearing comfort. This colour combination is a variation of high-quality and vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. Classic 8-hole lacing with logo-embossed tongue, flap and shaft are padded, no eyelets, reinforced toe and heel area thanks to elastic caps. The shoe has a leather brand sole and padded, removable leather insoles, ring reinforcement strips and crepe sole made of genuine natural rubber. The trainer comes with a practical linen storage bag in black.

With this model Zeha Berlin meets Blaumann and uses the RAW Denim as upper material for your shoe.


  • Material: Leather and calf lining, blaumann Denim (raw)
  • 8-hole lacing
  • Tip: Round
  • Colour: blue
Colour: blue
Materials: Cotton, Leather
Kleidungsstück: Shoes
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
Zeha Berlin


The story is typical of Berlin, unconventional, crazy, shaped by the changing times and always with the vision in mind: to make cool sneakers with the typical two double stripes. Over 100 years ago, the original Zeha story begins. Construction and fall of the Berlin Wall are as much a part of the former sports shoe "Made in GDR" as the wild 90s in Berlin with anarchy & club culture.

Then, in 2002, the decisive relaunch. With a lot of optimism and founding courage, Zeha sports shoes are launched with new styles. Zeha Berlin wants to revive the sports shoes of East Berlin youth and produce sneakers with distinctive looks. Today, Zeha Berlin sneakers are worn all over the world. People like the tough & colorful styles of the streetwear or Carl Häßner collection, which make the models what they are: modern, fresh & from Berlin.

Over the years, Zeha Berlin has also "almost" grown up. The Urban Classic collection was developed, handmade leather shoes made of high quality fabrics, a tribute to personal lifestyle with that certain something.


In addition to new trends and inspirations found in Berlin and on travels, the high quality of the fabrics and their processing, as well as fair production conditions are among the decisive features of the Zeha Berlin philosophy. Shoes & accessories are exclusively handmade in Portugal and Slovakia. The high-quality vegetable leathers are processed in selected leather tanneries and manufactories and are subject to certified quality guidelines.

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