OrbitKey Key Organizer Canvas

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The OrbitKey key fob arranges your keys the way you want them! No jingling, no scratching. The... more
Product information "OrbitKey Key Organizer Canvas"

The OrbitKey key fob arranges your keys the way you want them! No jingling, no scratching. The perfect balance between style and function - Dense woven, water repellent canvas with leather reinforcement for maximum durability; the ideal companion for your next adventure. Comes with standard D-ring attachment for car keys or other large keys.


  • Silent keys - No more loud jingle. A perfect companion for your next run, your next hike or shuttle ride.
  • Pocket-friendly - Protect your valuable items from scratches.
  • Special locking mechanism - Flexible but secure mechanism to carry 2 to 7 keys and prevent accidental loosening.
  • Car Key - Each Orbitkey comes with a D-ring attachment for your car key or large key fob.
  • Your keys, sorted - Have your keys arranged in the order you want. No more fumbling for the right key in the dark.
  • Expandable - Each OrbitKey key fob comes with a USB stick (8 GB or 32 GB), a bottle opener and a multifunction tool.
Farbe: blau, oliv
Material: Canvas
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How it all began...

In 2013 Rex and Charles had an idea - a simple idea to solve our own frustration with clinking keychains.
Not knowing if others would find the solution helpful, they decided to introduce it to the crowdfunding community. To their surprise, they managed to convince 5,000 people of their vision by the end of the 30-day Kickstarter campaign.
They quit their jobs in industrial design and pharmacy, flew overseas and lived out of our suitcases for 4 months to make sure that the products were manufactured in the best possible quality.
When the two of them saw all the enthusiasm and feedback from the supporters, it redefined the whole purpose of the company.

At Orbitkey we focus on reducing clutter - so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.