Hamburg-Zanzibar Tumeric No 1 Gin

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Hamburg - Zanzibar ... How everything began with a flight. Infected by the spices of Zanzibar... more
Product information "Hamburg-Zanzibar Tumeric No 1 Gin"

Hamburg - Zanzibar ... How everything began with a flight. Infected by the spices of Zanzibar and the curiosity and passion for new and extraordinary things, Yuka and Hauke, former yoga teacher and biologist, have dedicated themselves to an extraordinary project - the distillation of an extraordinary gin. Turmeric sets the tone, red pepper and juniper mix strongly. Gin classics such as cardamom and coriander, but also cinnamon blossoms and bittersweet almonds combine to form a special gin. The altogether 15 Botanicals are burned in small batches, by hand and with a lot of love...

The Tumeric No.1, as New Western Gin, is very complex deep in its aroma structure and gold-yellow in color.


  • Hamburg-Zansibar Tumeric No.1 Gin
  • New Western Style Gin
  • Strong aroma
  • Small editions fired by hand
  • 45 % vol.
  • 500 ml
THE HEAD BEHIND LUV&LEE Another new gin? Another new gin from Hamburg? Does that make... mehr


Another new gin? Another new gin from Hamburg? Does that make sense?
These were the questions the head behind LUV&LEE, Christian Heck, had to face when the first ideas for a genuine North German gin slowly took shape. As a connoisseur of spirits with more than 25 years of experience at Pernod Ricard, he was able to answer them all with a convincing "yes". Because LUV&LEE is different. We not only have LUV&LEE Hanseatic Dry Gin on it, we also have Hanseatic on it.
For a long time Christian had wondered why there isn't one with typical North German botanicals between the different Hamburg gins. And he found it: That must change!


The birth idea of LUV&LEE lies in the love of the north and gin. Besides the classic gin botanicals like juniper and coriander, LUV&LEE comes up with a note that could hardly be more Nordic: the aquavit. True northern lights immediately recognize the typical star anise and caraway notes of the Nordic aqua vitae, which give LUV&LEE one of its unique selling points.
But what would a Hanseatic Gin be without the feeling of standing directly at the water edge and letting the salty wind blow into your face? It is precisely this final piece of north that LUV&LEE provides with a pinch of Sylt sea salt crystals, which gives our genuine North German gin its final touch.
LUV&LEE Hanseatic Dry Gin is best enjoyed with a fresh breeze of sea wind around your nose and served in a North German uncomplicated way: Pure, on ice or with a light, mild tonic, which does not overlay the independent taste profile. If you don't want to do without some bells and whistles, pour a scoop of watermelon or dried lemon slices into the glass and pour on the tonic. A stalk of lemongrass or some North German seaweed is also suitable for decoration and light flavouring.


In order to turn LUV&LEE with all these components into a real northern light, Christian Heck has teamed up with experts from Hamburg's oldest spirits manufacturer. The Have family business has been producing fine spirits in small batches since 1868 and is a long-established Hamburg company from the ground up in northern Germany.

After Christian Manufakturchef Christoph von Have was convinced of his idea for LUV&LEE, the weighting of the various flavours and the overall composition was worked on with loving attention to detail. The two have succeeded so well that LUV&LEE has already been awarded the gold medal of the ISW International Spirits Competition as soon as the first bottles were filled. LUV&LEE also got off to a very successful start in 2018: our unique Hanseatic Dry Gin received double the gold medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards.
The prize-winning result, our Hanseatic Dry Gin, is a breath of fresh air in the glass and the best reason to be surprised that you can still be surprised by a new gin.

Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

Zu uns, das sind Yuka und Hauke, sei zu sagen, dass wir als Yogalehrerin und Biologe vermutlich nicht den typischen Neu-Gin Quereinsteigern entsprechen. Uns eint aber die Neugierde und Leidenschaft für Neues und Außergewöhnliches und so haben wir uns vor einem guten Jahr dem Destillieren eines ungewöhnlichen Gin gewidmet. Neben dem Wacholder brennen wir als Ton angebende Elemente Kurkuma und roten Pfeffer sowie einige andere Botanicals wie bittersüße Mandeln und Nadelgehölz. In der heimischen Küche begonnen, haben wir dann im Frühjahr 2018 mit einer kleinen Landbrennerei im Norden den Plan ausgeheckt das erste Batch mit ca. 250 Flaschen zu brennen.

Am Ende stehen zwei Gins, wie Bruder und Schwester oder ziemlich gute Freunde. Erst einen London Dry, der Tumeric Raw Gin, der durch seine klare und kantige Struktur besticht. Komplex und vielschichtig, gut würzig und voller Überraschungen. Aus diesem kreieren wir dann einen Zweiten, den Tumeric No.1 der als New Western Gin sehr komplex und tief in seiner Aromastruktur ist... und Gold gelb in der Farbe.
Der Gin ist unser Leidenschaft. Das Projekt, einen Gin zu machen ist etwas mehr. Wir wollen ein Stück aus dem Alltag ausbrechen, etwas schaffen und kreieren was über die eigenen Komfortzone hinaus geht. Mittelfristig planen wir, unsere Botanicals für den „Hamburg-Zanzibar“ Gin nicht mehr in Deutschland zu beziehen sondern über lokale Kleinfarmer zum Beispiel auf Zanzibar. Wir wünschen uns, Local ́s mit in unser Projekt einzubeziehen um einen Mehrwert für alle zu schaffen. Nicht im Sinne eines aufgepumpten „charity-Konzeptes“ sondern als faire und nachhaltige Beziehung zu den Menschen die wirklich mit dem Anbau der einzelnen Botanicals ihren Lebensunterhalt verdienen.

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