Edwin ED 80 Slim Tapered

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Straight cut 12 oz Kingston Blue Denim Jeans  by Edwin in a mid blue wash. Details:... more
Product information "Edwin ED 80 Slim Tapered"

Straight cut 12 oz Kingston Blue Denim Jeans by Edwin in a mid blue wash.


Material: Jeans
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If you say that the USA is the parents of denim, then you can say that Japan embodies the stepparents. In Japan, denim has been completely reinterpreted. And that of no one less than Edwin. The denim label from Tokyo.
When Tsunemi Yonehachi Shoten opened a US military clothing store in 1947, he offered the Japanese something completely new at that time: denim. The time he spent in California during his studies and the jeans cult of the post-war period influenced him to import secondhand five-pocket denim from the USA. Before he sells them, he washes them and repairs them by hand. The demand is gigantic. When his son, Shuji Tsunemi, took over the family business in 1961, he produced his first denims.
During this time the name was also changed to EDWIN - the anagram to D-E-N-I-M. The heaviest ring yarn denim, a 16oz that Edwin produced until 1963, was characterized by an element that is still used today: the Rainbowselvedge. In the 70s Edwin was to revolutionize the denim world: with the 'Old Washed' process a completely new appearance, a different wearing sensation, in short: a new type of denim.
When Edwin invented the 'Stone-Wash' process in the 1980s, the entire denim industry was turned upside down: there was no manufacturer who did not use this process. A milestone in the history of denim. In the 1990s, Edwin returned to its origins: the 'New Vintage' concept, reminiscent of the craftsmanship of 1947, was used to make the denims appear in a modern vintage look. A supposed contrast that stands for Edwin himself.
Edwin relies on continuous progress and innovation to continually improve design and fit, as well as traditional working techniques. On old weaving frames and sewing machines, the greatest care is taken to work by hand. Each denim is hand washed and given a lot number so that it can be traced exactly who produced it, when, where and how.
"To create dreams, movements and culture" - Edwin is more than just a pair of jeans: a feeling that everyone who has ever worn a denim by Edwin knows.

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