Shoto Boot Horse Leather

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The 5998 is the archetype of all Shoto shoes. The boot with the distinctive hand-inserted... more
Product information "Shoto Boot Horse Leather"

The 5998 is the archetype of all Shoto shoes. The boot with the distinctive hand-inserted pleat and the 6-hole lacing with the 2 additional hooks already has its own fan base.

The boot is finished on the outside with horse leather and on the inside with calfskin.It is dabbed and dyed (tamponato) and then slowly dried in the air. This is the "high art" of treating the leather during dyeing so that it does not become hard and the shoe keeps its fit. - same with the hand-inserted fold. The beautiful play of colors of the shoe is created by the different dyeing techniques and working steps - the shoemakers of Shoto master this like no other. The sole is a Vibram sole with profile.


  •     Upper material: horse leather
  •     Inner material: calfskin lined
  •     Colour: brown
  •     6-hole lacing plus 2 hooks
  •     Hand-laid pleat
  •     Closure: Lacing
  •     Sole: Vibram rubber profile sole
  •     Tip: Round
  •     Handmade in Italy
  •     If the size is about one size larger (so for size 43 please order 42)

Shoto shoes with a delivery time of 30-60 days will be custom-made for you - We ask for your understanding that custom-made shoes are excluded from exchange and return.

If you do not have any experience with Shoto shoe sizes, please contact us in advance - preferably by telephone on +4944121 909 51 or by email at: Also if you have questions about this special product and the handling.

Farbe: braun
Material: Pferdeleder
Stefano Medori, in the second generation with great passion, produces unique shoes in... mehr

Stefano Medori, in the second generation with great passion, produces unique shoes in traditional craftsmanship. Each shoe is first dipped by hand in a dye bath and then dried in the air for at least 24 hours. In the 'Stoned Washed' process, the shoes, which are treated with abrasive stones, acquire an authentic vintage look. The use of first class horse, elk, antelope and calf leather, in combination with the best Italian leather soles, create a unique shoe of the finest quality.

Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

In traditioneller Handwerkskunst fertigt Stefano Medori, in zweiter Generation mit großer Leidenschaft einzigartige Schuhe. Von Hand wird jeder Schuh zunächst in ein Färbebad getaucht und anschließend für mindestens 24 Stunden an der Luft getrocknet. Dadurch entsteht eine einzigartige Farbgebung und vielfältige Schattierungen – jede Waschung ist einzigartig.Im ‚Stoned Washed-Prozess gewinnen die Schuhe, die mit abrasiven Steinen behandelt werden, einen authentischen Vintage-Look. Beim abschließenden Finish wird die einzigartige Charakteristik – die Verläufe und Schattierungen – herausgearbeitet. Die Verwendung von erstklassigem Pferde-, Elch-, Antilopen- und Kalbsleder, in Verbindung mit besten italienischen Ledersohlen, lassen ein Unikat feinster Qualität entstehen.

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