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OAK. Natural Beard Care

OAK takes care of men with beards, as you might expect from old barbers: serious and respectful. Each product is designed to take care of the beard and is developed together with hairdressers and beard wearers. The ingredients are purely natural and meet the requirements of controlled natural cosmetics.
OAK comes from Berlin. The products from all over Germany. They are produced in family businesses, mostly by handwork. The individual steps in the production of an OAK product are too versatile to be completely automatized. Every OAK product is revolutionary in its own way. Either it is a completely new development on the market or it differs greatly in application and effect from existing products with a similar focus.

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OAK | Beard Balm OAK | Beard Balm
The BEARD BALM combines the caring properties of Beard Oil with the holding effect of Beard Hold. It creates a visible structure, cares for the hair roots and ensures a well-fitting natural beard shape, especially with longer, strongly...
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