Alpaca Wool

The alpaca wool is a very fine, soft and silky shiny, little curled and yet quite durable wool of a South American alpaca. These animals are partly sheared every two years, one shearing results in about 3-4 kg per animal.

Merz b. Schwanen Knitted Sweater Merz b. Schwanen Knitted Sweater
With the warm and cuddly knitted sweater by Merz b. Schwanen you defy the cold days. In a classic fit and made of a high-quality mix of pure new wool and alpaca, the embroidered sweater harmonises wonderfully with warm coloured tones....
€129.00 * €259.95 *
Ottod`Ame Knitted Coat Ottod`Ame Knitted Coat
Winter may come! With a wide stiff design and a slight oversize fit, Ottod'Ame's knitted coat brings you stylishly through the cold season. The lapel collar and the one-button closure underline the cool design of this trendy winter...
€379.95 *
Ottod`Ame Scarf Ottod`Ame Scarf
Karo-Love! Cuddly soft and with a cool check design, the knitted scarf by Ottod`Ame takes you through the cold season. The wool mixture with alpaca and mohair guarantees a velvety soft wearing comfort. Details: Material: 20...
€189.95 *
HMK Knitted Sweater Natur HMK Knitted Sweater Natur
The knitted sweater by HMK made of a warming alpaca wool blend protects you from cold winter days! Wonderfully soft and cuddly, the sweater is pleasant to wear on the skin. Details: Material: 45% wool, 30% acrylic, 25%...
€70.00 * €159.95 *