Buffalo Leather

The robust and durable buffalo leather is obtained by river or swamp buffaloes and is characterized by its attractive scarred structure. The scarring varies in structure depending on the skin area of the buffalo. With its large-pored tissue it belongs to the aniline leathers.

Buffalo leather is often used in the furniture industry, but is also popular for bags and shoes. It is valued for its distinct structure as well as its pleasant, warm touch.

As it is worn, buffalo leather takes on a shiny character.



Due to the open pores of the material, liquids can penetrate deeply into the leather and darken it afterwards - stains may occur. Therefore the correct care of the leather is very important!

General care should be done with a care product especially for aniline leather. This will protect the leather from drying out and bleaching.

To protect the leather from staining, it should be impregnated a maximum of 1-2 times a year.

Leather creams and leather grease are not recommended, as these could close the pores!

Shoto Boot Buffalo Leather Shoto Boot Buffalo Leather
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