Flap pockets

Flap pockets are used nowadays for many items of clothing. The fabric is cut in and the resulting slit is provided with a separate fabric part, i.e. a flap. They can usually be found on trousers, jackets, jeans, coats, shirts and blazers.

Flap pockets are a stylistic element that gives designers a lot of leeway. The slit under the flap can be diagonal or straight, a combination of elegance and sportiness. The flaps can be round or pointed in shape, can be highlighted in colour and decorated with other accessories, such as buttons.

Blaumann Shirt Blaumann Shirt
Classic cotton/linen shirt in a generous fit with two breast pockets. The colour is a beautiful light blue with a slight grey cast. Details: Generous fit  Material: 60% Cotton, 20% Lyocell, 20% Linen Care: 30...
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