Horse leather

The horse leather is a very high quality and rare leather.
It is processed with the flesh side facing outwards and gets its characteristic shine from the increased material density. The high fat content in the leather makes it water-repellent. It has a supple touch and is stretchable.

Horse leather is very rare and the demand far exceeds the supply. What is the reason for this?
High quality horse leather can only be obtained from the rear flanks of heavy cold blooded horses. These workhorses used to be used in the fields to do heavy work for people, but now machines do the work for us. As a result, these animals are becoming increasingly rare and the leather of horses from breeding or sport farms cannot compete with leather from real workhorses. For this reason horse leather is traded on the market as rare and expensive leather.

The care of horse leather is different from the classic leather care.
Horse leather should only be treated with a special horse leather care product. The product is rubbed into the leather in circular movements and with little pressure using a soft cloth. After the agent has been absorbed, you can polish again with a soft cloth to restore the nice shine.
Important: Horse leather should not be wiped damp or treated with normal leather care products. There is a risk that the fibres swell and the surface turns matt and rough!
Due to the high fat content of the leather, a white film can be deposited on the leather surface due to temperature differences. This is called 'fat efflorescence'. These are not mould, but fat residues that can be easily polished into the leather with a soft brush or cloth.

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