A jersey fabric is a knitted or knitted fabric that can consist of various materials, including yarns, viscose or viscose blends, wool or wool blend yarns, cotton or silk.

The production method is decisive for a jersey. Meanwhile, a distinction is made between a large number of jerseys, which differ in the knitting method.

The classic jersey comes from the British island that gave it its name. Nowadays it is called single jersey and is knitted on a single row of needles, resulting in two different sides. Single jerseys are elastic in the cross direction and offer high wearing comfort and soft fabric properties due to the knitting method.

In contrast, double jersey and interlock jersey are knitted with two rows of needles, resulting in different knitting patterns on the front and back. This intermeshing of the knitted material makes the fabric more robust and of higher quality.

The jacquard and cloqué jersey are knitted using two different needle row techniques which allow different knitting patterns.

The different jersey fabrics can be used in a variety of ways, with single and double jerseys mostly used for T-shirts, underwear and sportswear. Jacquard and cloqué jerseys, on the other hand, are used for pullovers, jackets and dresses.

Circolo 1901 Jersey Blazer Blue Circolo 1901 Jersey Blazer Blue
The Jersey jacket by Circolo 1901 is made of a wool mixture and has a high wearing comfort. The two-button jacket has two side pockets, a breast pocket for handkerchiefs and a classic lapel collar. The hem of the front part is rounded...
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