Merino wool is a particularly soft and fine wool, which comes from the merino sheep. Due to its properties, this sheep wool is particularly in demand.

Merino sheep live in extreme habitats of North Africa, are exposed to enormous temperature and weather fluctuations. The biological adaptation of the sheep to these habitats led to this special wool with extraordinary properties. Today, Australia is the main supplier of the coveted wool.

Compared to normal sheep wool, merino wool can be worn directly on the skin without scratching. The special structure of the wool insulates particularly well, it warms in cold weather and cools in heat. The long, thin and breathable hairs of merino wool help the clothes to have cooling properties. The wool can absorb up to one third of its dry weight in moisture without feeling clammy. In addition, the wool does not wrinkle and does not develop any negative odours even after repeated wearing.