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Mohair is the wool of the Angora goat, which distinguishes itself from other types of wool due to its long, silky and fine structure. The goat's wool is divided into three quality categories, 'Kid', 'Young Goat' and 'Adult', with the Kid Mohair wool being the finest and highest quality. The fashion industry mainly uses the wool of the 'Kid' category.

Mohair garments are characterised by their particularly pleasant and soft feel. The wool warms in winter and has a cooling effect in summer. It is also water-repellent and can absorb water without feeling damp.

Lovat & Green Scarf Pencil Lovat & Green Scarf Pencil
Lovat & Green is a Spanish brand, founded in 2010, specialized in scarves. The best natural fabrics are always used in all the collections; wool, cotton, cashmere and mohair.... The fabrics are always made in India on looms over...
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