Silk is the name given to the fibrous material containing protein which is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm. It was originally extracted in ancient China around 2800 B.C., now also in Japan and India.

The silk fabric is characterized above all by its characteristic sheen. In addition, silk is able to produce very intense colours, hardly tends to crease and has a high strength. Care should be taken, however, with abrasion and high temperatures.

Silk is the only natural fibre that occurs endlessly in nature. Around 3000 cocoons are needed to produce 250g of silk thread. Wild silk is obtained from the cocoons of already hatched butterflies.

Different weaving processes lead to different qualities and types of fabric, some of which are known as: Brocade, Duchesse, Organza or satin. In addition, silk is also called according to its origin, such as ahimsa-silk, yamamai-silk and mulberry silk.

Care: It is recommended to clean silk fabrics carefully by hand as they are very sensitive to water. You should use a silk cleaner and make sure that no soap residues remain. When drying, do not wring out the silk fabric as it is very sensitive to shape when wet. The washing slip should always be observed!

Dea Kudibal Faith Rose Dea Kudibal Faith Rose
Silk blouse "Faith" of Dea Kudibal. The silk blend provides a very pleasant and high wearing comfort. Refined smock details on the collar and cuffs give this beautiful blouse an extravagant character. Details: Material: 90%...
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herzen's angelegenheit silk blouse pink herzen's angelegenheit silk blouse pink
A slightly falling silk blouse from herzen's angelegenheit with a floral pattern. The flowing fabric is comfortable to wear and of high quality. The round collar ends in a V-neck and thus elegantly emphasizes the décolleté. The loose,...
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Wigens Newsboy Cap Light Green Wigens Newsboy Cap Light Green
Thanks to its classic design, the Wigens balloon cap can be combined with almost any wardrobe. Ideal slider cap for the summer made of a  Silk-Wool mixture . The model "Newsboy" (newspaper boy) found its inspiration in the...
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