VELOURS/SUEDE is buffed leather on the meat side. The meat side is the rough back of the leather. If the meat side or back side is processed to the outside, then the surface is called suede leather.

Red Wing Moc Toe 8881 Red Wing Moc Toe 8881
The Red Wing 8881 Moc Toe is based on the Red Wing icon, the 875 Moc Toe, which was especially popular with hunters and farmers. Then, as now, this style is highly appreciated for its looks but also for its robustness in harsh weather...
€300.00 *
Bibi Lou Leather Ankel Boot Bibi Lou Leather Ankel Boot
Details: Material: suede leather Light brown camel Heel height: 6cm
€169.95 *
Shoto Boot Deerleather Washed Shoto Boot Deerleather Washed
The Shoto shoe Drew Dive made of washed buckskin is something very special. On this shoe the flesh side of the leather is on the outside and is treated until the desired surface structure is created. The beautiful play of colours is...
€540.00 *