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Property of .. Karl 48h+ Travel Backpack

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Pack it like a suitcase, use it like it’s not. The Karl 48h+ Travel Backpack fits a lot... more
Product information "Property of .. Karl 48h+ Travel Backpack"

Pack it like a suitcase, use it like it’s not.

The Karl 48h+ Travel Backpack fits a lot in. It’s just as good for a long weekend in the city or for a 10-day beach trip (depending on your packing philosophy, of course). The size is adjustable and, even at its fullest, your hands are always free. Padded back and shoulder straps, along with an adjustable chest strap, make the Karl 48h+ comfortable to carry all the time. The large zip-open back also makes packing easy and organized.
Speaking of organized: there are more than ten different pockets of all shapes and sizes including a side one with zippers that open towards your body for increased security. As for airport security? Stress-free! Easily access your 15″ laptop from its padded compartment or liquids from the inside net pocket and keep all your travel documents in the handy removable pouch. Best of all, the Karl is cabin-approved size so you’ll be spending less time in queues.
Come late, leave early: travel on your own schedule with the Karl 48h+ Travel Backpack.


  • Colour: brown-grey
  • 10 different bags
  • Leather and brass details
  • Fabric from recycled Plastic bottles
  • Water resistant
  • Padded 15" laptop compartment
  • Size variable from 34 cm (W) x 47 cm (H) x 18 cm (D) = 28 litres to 34 cm (W) x 73 cm (H) x 18 cm (D) = 44 litres
  • 28 -44 litres Capacity

Materials used
All articles are made of high-quality materials, the most important ones are listed below.

Fabric - The fabric of the rucksack is made from recycled PET bottles.
Leather - (Top-Grain) We use high quality, non-buffed leather to enhance the natural "grain" or texture of the skin.
Brass - We use a type of alpha brass that is chemically aged.

Personalized ID tag
As soon as your order of Property Of........ has arrived, simply follow the instructions to receive your personalized ID tag as soon as possible! You can do this on the website of Property Of ... or via Whats App!

Farbe: braun, taupe
Material: Techn. Faser
Kleidungsstück: Rucksäcke & Taschen
Property Of.... was founded in 2006 with the aim of offering a serious alternative to the... mehr

Property Of.... was founded in 2006 with the aim of offering a serious alternative to the classic full leather briefcase with a clear and timeless aesthetic aimed at men and women with contemporary urban lifestyles.

The name Property Of.... was chosen as a kind of non-label to simply point out the unique identity of the owner of each bag. By using our leather ID tags, the lettering is functional and present, without the lettering falling too far behind.

The head office of Property Of.... is located in Amsterdam, where the brand also opened its flagship store in 2010. A second store was opened in Hamburg in 2014.

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