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Aglini Cotton-Blouse Newport

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Beautiful cotton blouse from the Italian brand Aglini with all-over print. The casual and... more
Product information "Aglini Cotton-Blouse Newport"

Beautiful cotton blouse from the Italian brand Aglini with all-over print. The casual and comfortable cut provides a pleasant wearing comfort and guarantees a cool look!


  • Material: 100 % Cotton
  • Color: Blue - patterned
  • Wide cut
  • Slightly Extended back
  • V-neck with press stud
  • Back slit with back fold
  • Side slits
  • Cuff with press studs
Farbe: blau
Material: Baumwolle
Kleidungsstück: Blusen
Marco and Marcello Aglini gained more than 40 years of experience in shirt making before they... mehr

Marco and Marcello Aglini gained more than 40 years of experience in shirt making before they decided in 2002 to live up to their name with their own line. Together father and son realize their creative ideas: timeless, stylish shirts and blouses are created, lovingly handmade in the factory in Sansepolcro, Tuscany. The Aglini family also makes individual single blouses and shirts, from over 100 fabrics and three basic cuts.
Especially the many small details such as sequins, flounces, patches, lace, the choice of collars, button plackets and cuffs make the blouse or shirt of your choice unique.

Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

The collections of the Aglini brand bear the signature of finest craftsmanship and Italian fashion know-how. Blouses and shirts are made in Italy from high quality cotton materials and with the highest standards of quality. The addition of elastane ensures that the fabrics are pleasantly stretchy, guaranteeing increased wearing comfort even with close-fitting cuts. The family business is run by father and son, Marco and Marcello Aglini. For over 40 years the shirt maker from Sansepolcro in Tuscany has been producing the finest goods for Italian and French designers. In their own collections for men and women, colour, pattern and detail are combined to create a strong design. Their collections range from classic models to trendy prints and patterns and oversized cuts. Every smallest detail is thought through in accordance with the quality standard "made in italy". As a result, even the finest details such as buttons and seams inspire and become a visual highlight of every garment. To our delight, the collection has now been extended to include dresses, trousers and jeans. Here too, the incredible know-how about fashion and craftsmanship is expressed. In every collection they inspire us anew. By transforming entertaining trends into almost timeless fashion, the fashionable combinations ignite pure joy in us. Aglini's designs convince with an understatement character that focuses on the essentials: refined cuts, best materials and a timeless design.

Important for all Aglini lovers: the Italian label offers a tailor-made service for its customers. Customers can choose between traditional collection items and individually designed shirts and blouses according to their own taste. The range of variants is enormous: three basic cuts for men and three for women can be combined with over 100 different fabrics. From classic Oxford, through floral patterns to corduroy, customers can choose according to their own taste. Once you have found your model, it can be ordered for you all year round.


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