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Camicetta Snob Blouse Flower

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Fantastic blouse from the Italian brand Camicetta Snob. Impressive prints and excellent... more
Product information "Camicetta Snob Blouse Flower"

Fantastic blouse from the Italian brand Camicetta Snob. Impressive prints and excellent workmanship are the main focus here. With a touch of 70's and modernity, nothing stands in the way of combination possibilities and unusual styles. Slightly waisted and equipped with two breast pockets, this blouse should not be missing in any wardrobe.


  • Fabric: 59 % viscose, 33 % silk, 8 % elastane
  • Colour: green - flowered
  • Blouse Collar
  • Waisted cut
  • Button bar
  • Flower Print
  • breast pockets
  • Cuffs
  • Made in Italy


Material: Seiden-Mischung
Farbe: grün
Kleidungsstück: Blusen
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
Camicetta Snob

Juri and Omar Chiossi started in the first half of the 1990s to develop a craft workshop for the production of men's shirts with special and high-quality fabrics. Since its foundation, the "core competences" of the company have been a special care in the research of specific and innovative fabrics, processes and production methods, which clearly emphasize the company's expertise.

The company first established itself on the entire Italian market and then went on to enter and expand internationally. In 2000 the women's line "Camicettasnob" was born, a collection of women's blouses with a strong visual impact and thanks to great research into materials and models. The product's claim to be "snob" lies both in the glamour of the basic chic and in the imaginative originality of many blouses.

Camicettasnob, the women's blouse collection that collects and mixes the basic chic style with a wide range of comfortable and patterned stretch cotton fabrics (madras, stripes, check, oxford, etc.), many natural materials, linen and fiandra. Valuable materials, almost handmade and with contrasting Dickeys on classic cuts. An important part of the collection is dedicated to the washed line, which develops traditional fabrics in every possible style: they are softly processed and washed to get a nice vintage look & feel. On the other side of the collection there are flowing materials like silk, crêpe de chine, georgette, chiffon, fluff, satin, both printed and plain.

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