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Dea Kudibal Silkdress Mary Exclusive

Dea Kudibal Silkdress Mary Exclusive
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Silk dress Mary Exclusive by Dea Kudibal with exclusive digital floral print. Semi-transparent... more
Product information "Dea Kudibal Silkdress Mary Exclusive"

Silk dress Mary Exclusive by Dea Kudibal with exclusive digital floral print. Semi-transparent and with shimmering decorations, this delicate and light silk dress is perfect for special occasions. The raglan sleeves and the small loose belt at the waist skilfully set off the flattering appearance.


  • Material: 97% silk, 3% polyamide
  • Colour: Black patterned
  • raglan sleeves
  • Loose waist belt
Farbe: schwarz, taupe
Material: Seide , Seiden-Mischung
Kleidungsstück: Kleider
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
dea kudibal

Feminine patterns, silky lightness and flattering silhouettes!

-are the brand DNA of dea kudibal. The fashion from the designer of the same name creates a harmonious combination of expressive designs, extravagant prints and suitability for everyday use. The dea kudibal brand was founded in Copenhagen in 2003. Starting with an inspiring collection of scarves, clothing was also added to the collections in 2008. Playful colour compositions, extravagant prints, expressive patterns and flattering silhouettes can be found in the feminine collections of the premium brand. The particularly luxurious quality of the materials has become a further trademark. Dea Kudibal uses silk stretch for the collection, combining the unique feel and comfort of silk with absolute comfort through greater freedom of movement. Blouse, dresses, trousers and skirts thus embody elegance and femininity and at the same time radiate nonchalance, spontaneity and relaxation, as do their wearers.

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