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Kiltie Shirt Roth Grey

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Like fine silk the fabric of this shapely shirt by Kiltie shimmers. The open hem gives the... more
Product information "Kiltie Shirt Roth Grey"

Like fine silk the fabric of this shapely shirt by Kiltie shimmers. The open hem gives the design a casual touch and the wide cut guarantees a high wearing comfort. This shirt is just the thing for feminine and relaxed looks.


  • Material:100% viscose
  • Colour: Grey
  • Made in Italy
  • Open hem
Farbe: anthrazit, grau
Material: Viskose
Kleidungsstück: T-Shirt's
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
Kiltie S:R:L:

Strong and determined is the character of the Italian brand Kiltie. Specializing in suits, blazers, jackets and trousers, Kiltie designs fashion for the self-confident woman who can skilfully play with masculine design attributes. Kiltie enables its wearer to combine the balancing act between workwear and a love of fashion and design. Kiltie's collections internalize the character of a strong and self-confident image of women without losing sensuality and elegance. Kiltie combines glamour, style, femininity and sensual elegance. Material, design and cut are skilfully coordinated. Loving details and perfect fits determine the collections. Refined cuts become a style feature. Kiltie pays particular attention to the material and structure. Characteristic material properties become a visual highlight through an unagitated design. The highest quality standards and outstanding fashion know-how make the Italian label a strong brand for stylish and expressive women's fashion.

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