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Shoto Shoe Horse Leather

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In the Shoto horse leather low shoe, the leather is first white from the base and is then dyed... more
Product information "Shoto Shoe Horse Leather"

In the Shoto horse leather low shoe, the leather is first white from the base and is then dyed in colour by dipping. The structured leather takes on the colour differently due to the different depths of the structures. This results in great optical effects. The horse leather is slightly firmer but thanks to the soft calf leather as inner lining the shoe is still very comfortable. The 7496 made of horse leather is rather rounder in shape. The special colouring is the "high art". The shoemakers of Shoto master this like no other. Different further working steps lead the shoe to a special Vintage Effect.

Due to the special dyeing process, as well as other special treatment techniques (washing, dyeing techniques), each piece is unique. Due to this, individual handwork and the natural nature of the materials, the colours, embossing and structure may vary. Each piece is unique and a real one-of-a-kind, lovingly handcrafted.


  • Colour: grey
  • 5-hole lacing 
  • Upper material: horse leather
  • Inner material: calfskin lined
  • Closure: Lacing
  • Sole: leather toe
  • Shoe toe: Round 
  • If the size is about one size bigger ( For size 43 please order 42)
  • Comes incl. spare laces, shoe bag and extra insoles



If you do not have any experience with Shoto shoe sizes, please contact us in advance - preferably by telephone on 0441-21 909-51 or by email at: . Also if you have questions about this special product and the handling.

Colour: blue
Materials: Pferdeleder
Kleidungsstück: Shoes
Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

Using traditional craftsmanship, Stefano Medori, the second generation, makes unique shoes with great passion. By hand, each shoe is first dipped in a dye bath and then air-dried for at least 24 hours. This creates a unique colouring and varied shades - each wash is unique.

In the 'Stoned Washed' process, the shoes, which are treated with abrasive stones, gain an authentic vintage look. The final finish brings out the unique characteristics - the gradients and shades. The use of premium horse, elk, antelope and calf leather, combined with the best Italian leather soles, create a one-of-a-kind shoe of the finest quality.

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