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Women Red Wing Moc Toe 3380

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After we successfully introduced a completely black Moc Toe in our men's collection a few years... more
Product information "Women Red Wing Moc Toe 3380"

After we successfully introduced a completely black Moc Toe in our men's collection a few years ago, the calls became louder to also go for "All-Black" in the women's collection. In the course of this autumn/winter collection we are happy to welcome a Moc Toe in black on our shelves. The construction itself is similar to that of our established Moc Toes, such as the 3373. Only the frame and sole of the 3380 Moc Toe have been dyed completely black. A shoe that is definitely a statement and fits practically everything. The all-black Red Wing Moc Toe 3380 in Black Boundary Leather is part of the Core Series from the women's collection. We are especially happy to be able to offer this style as this model made Red Wing famous in the 1950s. This shoe is built on the lasts 110, which is a narrower and more feminine interpretation of the Moc Toe lasts. The more filigree look and the smaller eyelets make the shoe appear slimmer. The comfortable black sole is made of a lighter polyurethane that is durable and extremely flexible. The Core range is made up of the most popular male styles, but adapted to female needs in the form of a slimmer silhouette and lower weight. The Moc Toe is available in many other colours.
The goal of the Red Wing Heritage Women´s Collection is to meet the needs of a woman with shoes by using softer leather, lighter weight, an optimized fit by using different lasts and more feminine proportions. These components coupled with the usual Red Wing quality and durability are ideal for any woman's foot. 230 steps are needed to make a shoe. Of course, only leather from the in-house S.B. Foot tannery is used.


  • Style: Moc Toe
  • Colour: black
  • Leather: Black Boundary
  • Goodyear welted
  • Made in USA
  • Black Traction Tred
  • Care: Leather Cream & Leather Protector


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A small spot, in the bend of the Mississippi, is inhabited until 1857 by the Indian tribe... mehr

A small spot, in the bend of the Mississippi, is inhabited until 1857 by the Indian tribe Lutasha. The Lutasha chief lends his name to the village: Red Wing. The young German, Charles Beckmann, worked in a tannery, but soon he was to create great things. Driven by his passion for craftsmanship with leather, he founded the Red Wing Shoe Company in 1905. His idea: hard-wearing, robust, durable boots for the workers of the up-and-coming industry of the 1930s. The number 650, the 16-inch shoe for trackmen, a high calfskin boot, was created and is still included in the product line today. Also the designs for the numbers 2268 and 915, the engineering boot and the boat for oil workers originate from this time. Quality proves itself. In the 1950s, the Irish Setter was introduced, a style that became an integral part of American workwear. And the legendary number 888, the 'Super Setter', unites the highest quality materials from all over the world: under leather from Australia, upper leather from Scotland, shoe flaps from England, shoelaces from Germany, Norwegian waterproof seams and Swiss soles. Anyone who has ever been to the Red Wing factory understands why these boots are not just boots, but a piece of the identity of their wearer. This shoe is made to stay - "built to fit, built to last". Because in the more than 200 stations at Red Wing, every movement is carried out with the greatest precision. The employees, who sew by hand after old school and check every centimeter of the leather from their own tannery, put so much passion into each individual boot that you can feel it when wearing it. Highest wearing comfort is guaranteed by an optimal fit. Red Wing has created a product through consistency and commitment to meet the needs of its customers that has evolved over 100 years from work shoes to the favourite footwear of many people around the world.

All Red Wings are already maintained ex works. Please proceed as follows: 1. Remove... mehr

All Red Wings are already maintained ex works. Please proceed as follows:

1. Remove superficial dirt with a damp cloth or brush.
2. We recommend the Leather Condtioner for economical application & incorporation. The Red Wing shoe brush can be used for this purpose.
3. Leave your boots to stand for a few hours so that the care product can penetrate the leather.
4. To seal the leather we recommend the Leather Protector.
5. You are welcome to polish your shoes with the Red Wing polishing cloth.

Especially in the winter months it is recommended to take care of your shoes preventively to protect the leather from snow, dirt and road salt.

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Mit den Klamotten ist es manchmal wie mit der eigenen Haut. Es gibt einfach Teile, die sind wie an einem festgewachsen, sind ein Teil des Körpers geworden. 
Zum Beispiel: Stiefel. Die haben oft schon so viel mit einem erlebt, tragen Lebens-Geschichte eingegerbt im Leder, den Angstschweiß genauso wie die besten Momente. Jeder Tag hat hier seine Spuren hinterlassen, jedes Moped, jeder Trip, jeder Typ, über all die Jahre.

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