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Red Wing Moc Toe 3376

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  • 3376-sandmohaveleather.9.5
This 6-inch lace-up boot has all the features of the men's iconic No. 875 Moc Toe: Goodyear... more
Product information "Red Wing Moc Toe 3376"

This 6-inch lace-up boot has all the features of the men's iconic No. 875 Moc Toe: Goodyear world construction, traction Tred outsole and shock-absorbing cork filler under the footbed - but is built on a narrower last with a smaller toecap to better fit women's feet. The Style 3376 offers robustness from the sand-coloured Mohave leather and is ready for a new generation of hard-working women.

Roughout leather is made with a special reverse suede technique in the Red Wing's own S.B. Foot Tanning Co. While most tanneries split (divide) the leather, they thin and weaken the skin to create the rough suede surface. Red Wing simply uses the other side of the skin. In this way, Red Wing prevents the whole grain skins from splitting or thinning. This makes Roughout leather as strong and durable as other leathers.

A new pair of Red Wing Heritage Boots for women should fit comfortably on the foot with enough room to move your toes freely. The full-grain leather upper, leather-covered foam footboard and cork filler create a durable and individual fit over time with every day of wear.


  • Ladies model
  • Colour: sand
  • Material: Sand Mohave Leather
  • Leather in suede leather look
  • Goodyear welted sewn
  • 6-inch Moc Toe, ankle high
  • Made in USA
  • Atlas Life Tred sole
  • Care: Mink Oil & Nubuck Suede Cleaner


Farbe: beige
Kleidungsstück: Schuhe
A small spot, in the bend of the Mississippi, is inhabited until 1857 by the Indian tribe... mehr

A small spot, in the bend of the Mississippi, is inhabited until 1857 by the Indian tribe Lutasha. The Lutasha chief lends his name to the village: Red Wing. The young German, Charles Beckmann, worked in a tannery, but soon he was to create great things. Driven by his passion for craftsmanship with leather, he founded the Red Wing Shoe Company in 1905. His idea: hard-wearing, robust, durable boots for the workers of the up-and-coming industry of the 1930s. The number 650, the 16-inch shoe for trackmen, a high calfskin boot, was created and is still included in the product line today. Also the designs for the numbers 2268 and 915, the engineering boot and the boat for oil workers originate from this time. Quality proves itself. In the 1950s, the Irish Setter was introduced, a style that became an integral part of American workwear. And the legendary number 888, the 'Super Setter', unites the highest quality materials from all over the world: under leather from Australia, upper leather from Scotland, shoe flaps from England, shoelaces from Germany, Norwegian waterproof seams and Swiss soles. Anyone who has ever been to the Red Wing factory understands why these boots are not just boots, but a piece of the identity of their wearer. This shoe is made to stay - "built to fit, built to last". Because in the more than 200 stations at Red Wing, every movement is carried out with the greatest precision. The employees, who sew by hand after old school and check every centimeter of the leather from their own tannery, put so much passion into each individual boot that you can feel it when wearing it. Highest wearing comfort is guaranteed by an optimal fit. Red Wing has created a product through consistency and commitment to meet the needs of its customers that has evolved over 100 years from work shoes to the favourite footwear of many people around the world.

As early as the 1920s, the Red Wing Shoe Company produced leather boots for women. This was a... mehr

As early as the 1920s, the Red Wing Shoe Company produced leather boots for women. This was a time of social upheaval. The women strove for the right to vote, equality and self-determination. And Red Wing provided the self-confident women's movement - which wanted to free itself from its long skirts, corsages and braids - with the right footwear for independence.
From 2017, Red Wing will again be offering shoes for women in every situation. Always according to the credo: quality over quantity.

All Red Wings are already treated. Please proceed as follows:  1. Remove superficial... mehr

All Red Wings are already treated. Please proceed as follows: 

1. Remove superficial dirt with a damp cotton rag or a shoe brush. 

2. We recommend the Neutral Shoe Cream for economical application and treatment. It is advisable to utilize the Red Wing Shoebrush. 

3. Please let your boots rest and dry for several hours, so that the treatment gets absorbed. 

4. We advise to seal the leather with our Leather Protector. 

5. Feel free to polish your shoes with our Buffing Cloth. 

Especially in the uncomfortable winter months we recommend to treat the boots beforehand to protect the leather from snow, dirt, and road salt.

Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

Ein kleiner Fleck, in der Biegung des Mississippis, wird bis 1857 von dem Indianerstamm Lutasha bewohnt. Der Häuptling der Lutasha verleiht der Ortschaft seinen Namen: Red Wing. Der junge Deutsche, Charles Beckmann, arbeitet in einer Gerberei, doch schon bald sollte er Großes erschaffen. Angetrieben von seiner Passion für Handwerksarbeit mit Leder, gründet er 1905 die Red Wing Shoe Company. Seine Idee: strapazierfähige, robuste, langlebige Stiefel für die Arbeiter der aufstrebenden Industrie der 30er Jahre.

Es entstand die Nummer 650, der 16-Inch Schuh für Streckenwärter, ein hoher Kalbslederstiefel, der bis heute in der Produktlinie enthalten ist. Auch die Designs für die Nummern 2268 und 915, der Ingenieursstiefel und der Boot für Ölarbeiter stammen aus dieser Zeit. Qualität bewährt sich. In den 50er Jahren wurde mit dem ‚Irish Setter‘ ein Style eingeführt, der fester Bestandteil der amerikanischen Arbeitskleidung wurde. Und die legendäre Nummer 888, der ‚Super Setter‘, vereint die hochwertigs- ten Materialien aus der ganzen Welt: Unterleder aus Australien, Oberleder aus Schottland, Schuhklappen aus England, Schnürsenkel aus Deutschland, norwegische wasserdichte Randnähte und schweizer Sohlen.

Wer einmal in der Manufaktur in Red Wing war, versteht, weshalb diese Stiefel nicht einfach nur Stiefel sind, sondern ein Stück Identität seines Trägers. Dieser Schuh wird gemacht um zu bleiben – „built to fit, built to last“. Denn in den über 200 Stationen bei Red Wing wird jeder Handgriff mit größter Präzision ausgeführt.

Die Mitarbeiter, die nach alter Schule per Hand nähen und jeden Zentimeter des Leders aus der eigenen Gerberei überprüfen, stecken soviel Leidenschaft in jeden einzelnen Stiefel, dass man diese beim Tragen spürt. Höchster Tragekomfort wird durch eine optimale Passform gewährleistet. Durch Beständigkeit und das Engagement, auf die Wünsche der Kunden einzugehen, hat Red Wing ein Produkt geschaffen, das sich in 100 Jahren vom Arbeiterschuh zum Lieblingsschuhwerk vieler Menschen weltweit entwickelt hat.

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