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Whyci Milano is a company which is already in its 3rd generation. The collections and creations of Whyci are the result of a constant research of new combinations and compositions of raw materials such as silk, wool, cashmere and cotton. Tradition, experience and inventiveness, as well as new material combinations, make each garment uniquely soft and casual. The puristic elegance, sometimes with refined details, inspires us.

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YC Sweatshirt YC Sweatshirt
Comfortable sweatshirt from the brand WHYCI. This consists of a cotton-nylon mixture. The nylon content gives the sweatshirt elasticity and a smooth, soft surface. Also, ideal for warmer days as the air can circulate through the nylon....
€150.00 *
YC Long sleeve shirt YC Long sleeve shirt
Lightweight long sleeve shirt from WHYCI. It is made of pure cotton, which makes it airy and pleasant to wear. The sewn-in undershirt sets a contrast and is an optical highlight. Casual to combine with jeans and sneakers. details:...
€170.00 *