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21Sunstreet - LESSON ONE

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Product information "21Sunstreet - LESSON ONE"

21Sunstreet - school band from Sonnenstrasse 21.

What started with a lesson in guitar lessons is today the band 21Sunstreet.

The guitar lesson of Oliver with his son at Jürgen was the occasion. The son is no longer there - but Oliver is. From the lessons a friendship developed and the common time of "playing the guitar" laid the foundation for the formation of today.
Rainer and Arne - also students - joined them. When Jürgen's son Neil joined the band was complete. Neil left the band in the middle of 2018 - but then Tim joined (brother of Oliver), also a guitar student of Jürgen. Jürgen is the voice of 21Sunstreet and the head of the band who put them together. Everything is handmade - own text and own compositions.

The band also complements each other what they are - 21Sunstreet !

Lession one - the first release of the band!

4 tracks cd

  • 1. Two Generation
  • 2. Cry Out Of Hell
  • 3. Give me Truth
  • 4. Oh You Girl
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