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Die Akustischen Vier mit Vergnügen

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Product information "Die Akustischen Vier mit Vergnügen"

Who doesn't know them from the country parties we attended as exhibitors: The Acoustic Four.

Music that brings back memories of the first stolen kisses in your parents' party cellar,
is made to shine by the Acoustic Four in a crackling and current-free way.

The four live in Berlin and Hamburg. Their love of music led them to study in
Berlin, where their shared passion for the good three-minute song and the fun of handmade
of handmade music with real instruments made the founding of the Akustische Vier a matter of urgency


The Acoustic Four are:


Daniel Mattar
vocals, percussion


Matthias Manzke
vocals, saxophone, percussion


Niko Woeller
vocals, acoustic guitar


Tobias Roesch
Vocals, double bass



  • CD in cardboard slipcase
  • 10 tracks