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die form summer music

die form summer music
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Product information "die form summer music"

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die form summer music!

Music is the invisible force that drives us, that invigorates, propels and motivates us. In these times even more than usual. Now that summer is approaching - we need new beats and bars all the more. It's amazing how much new music there is to discover again and again.

I'm particularly excited about Ilgen-Nur's album "Power Nap". Already released in 2019, it completely passed me by and has now caught me full-on.

Ilgen-Nur - born in 1996 in Wendlingen am Neckar - came to Berlin via Hamburg and makes melodic and guitar-heavy indie pop and sings about fears, problems and thoughts in the life of a young person. She has already toured with her band as an opener with Tocotronic and Bloc Party ( source: Wikipedia ) We can't wait to see what's in store. The album "Power Nap" is highly recommended. Some of the songs are on this playlist.


stay healthy.

You can download our playlist via Apple Music* or Spotify:

You can download our playlist via Apple Music* or via Spotify :




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die form music

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