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Maison Matine Natur Insolente

Maison Matine Natur Insolente
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Product information "Maison Matine Natur Insolente"

This fragrance is dedicated to the perfection of nature. She reclaims her rights and reconnects with her primal instincts. The beetle on the bottle is the symbol of infinity, it is a survivor even in the hardest times. We return to our roots. Nature is unique - we have to adapt to it and not the other way round. Now is the time to change our habits for her sake.


  • Olfactory family: citrus, floral.
  • Top notes: Orange, lemon, bergamot orange,
  • Middle notes: Lily of the valley, mint, honeydew melon,
  • Base notes: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Musk,
  • Content: 50 ml

A summery freshness that harmonises bergamot with a floral green tea accord.

Accesories: Body Care
Maison Matine

Maison Matine "Beyond Paris" has made it its mission to transform feelings of life into fragrances. To achieve this goal, mainly organic ingredients are used and production takes place without animal testing. For example, only organic wheat alcohol from Europe is used. Each perfume consists of 85% organic, natural raw materials.

What does it take to shake up the world of niche perfumery as a new brand? Creativity, fresh & agile ideas and also be willing to dare something sometimes!!!!

Knowing the market and the needs of the customers, thanks to their background, Marie and Arthur created the brand Maison Matine. They dared to create something new and break the rules of niche perfumery. Niche fragrances for a young clientele, at fair prices, with strong communication at the point of sale and on social media ... and of course in collaboration with the best noses.

An olfactory view from the outside on a world of movement and emotion. A reflection of different facets of our society. A society caught in a stressed environment (climate change, pandemics, social problems and isolation, etc.), but united by a great common longing:

The longing for an open world - a world with rich, cultural diversity that holds many joyful and special moments for us. Here we are not talking about seduction with traditional luxury, we are talking about the luxury that our daily life can hold for us at any moment and to which we often pay too little attention.
That's why we added "Beyond Paris" to our name, because beyond the glamour of haute couture and prét-a-porter catwalks, the Maison Matine buyer's attitude to life is expressed in a new form, in the form of a personally enriching luxury.
Against this backdrop, the fragrances leave room for creativity and personal expression, accentuating personality rather than dominating it - and they are accessible to most budgets.