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Avantgarde Spirits Company The Vesper Box

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Product information "Avantgarde Spirits Company The Vesper Box"

The Vesper

Everyone may have at least one weakness, even a smart secret agent. We may introduce: The love of life of 007. I think I call the cocktail Vesper. Because of the bitter aftertaste? No, once you've tasted it, you never want anything else again.
So the VESPER is a James Bond original and therefore Ian Fleming deserves more than a thank you. Thanks for James Bond and especially thanks for the cocktail of gin, vodka and French wine aperitif, which he invented in 1953 for his agent thriller Casino Royale.

Tasting Notes
Aroma: full and intense, slightly fruity, juniper-led, with a slight hint of citrus and geranium, hints of various dried herbs and a little grated nutmeg.
Flavour: finely astringent and full-bodied, rich in top notes of fresh lemon zest, floral notes of geranium, a casual hint of rose petals and a spicy note reminiscent of olives.
Finish: long-lasting herbaceous finish, followed by a hint of almonds. Total: fresh, fragrant and wonderfully powerful.

Contents: gin, vodka, French wine aperitif, 43.0% vol., lemon zest, lemon oil.

Sizes: 700 ml and 50 ml (test sizes = for 2 cocktails)

Preparation: Pour into a mixing glass filled with ice cubes, stir well and strain into a cocktail tip. Add a Zeste to the drink. To finish, wet the cocktail once with the aroma sprayer.


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Avantgarde Spirits Company

Good taste can be so simple. A perfect cocktail from the bottle? Can it really be as good as a freshly mixed drink? No. It's better. And there are two main reasons for that: First, we use only the finest spirits and natural ingredients. Second, these ingredients can combine better in the bottle. Just as good wine matures in the bottle, our cocktails also become better and better through so-called "bottle aging".

With the Bohemian Drinks of the Avantgarde Spirits Company you get true cocktail classics, which have not changed in their recipe for more than 100 years. All 12 of these historic drinks make every occasion a very special one. Because Bohemian Drinks convince as a perfect companion, as classic aperitifs and digestifs or simply as what they are: top-class cocktail classics.