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O'Donnell Moonshine Mason Jar pourer

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Product information "O'Donnell Moonshine Mason Jar pourer"

Pouring in proper style: The Mason Jar pourer

The O'Donnell Moonshine is served in Mason Jars in the traditional look - we recommend the matching original spout to pour the Moonshine faster and more precisely.
The spout fits both glass sizes and was made in the JVA Vechta (Lower Saxony).

Details :

  • Fits both glass sizes
  • Metal
  • With closing cap
  • Rinse before use
  • Made in German JVAs
  • Perfect for dosing
Colour: natural
Accesories: Cocktails & Drinks
Materials: Metall


Almost a hundred years ago, Prohibition (1919-1933) prevailed in the USA: the production and sale of alcohol was prohibited. An epoch of secrecy began. The farmers called Moonshine their black distilled liquor, which they filled into preserving jars ("Mason Jars") and then sold on to smugglers, the so-called "bootleggers". The preserving jars were a precautionary measure because they quickly made themselves suspicious of being black burners by buying bottles.


The nationwide alcohol ban had serious consequences for the USA - many people lost their jobs, and instead of looking for a new one, they continued their old jobs illegally, which meant enormous tax losses for the state. Corruption flourished, even police officers secretly worked in the alcohol business. The procurement, transport and sale of high-percentage goods were now in the hands of criminal gangs, to whom the state was virtually powerless.

South Side O'Donnell Gang

Our Moonshine is named after Edward "Spike" O'Donnell (1890-1962), leader of the South Side O'Donnell Gang, who fought bloody battles with their opponents, the Gang of Mafioso Johnny Torrio, during the Chicago Beer Wars of 1923.
The losing battles lasted two years, then the infamous Al Capone took over the business of the Torrios and with it the rule over the alcohol business. Edward "Spike" O'Donnell had little scruples when it came to fighting with other gangsters in Chicago for dominance in the alcohol black market, but he paid attention to quality and stuck to German-born producers. When he was seriously injured in a drive by in 1925, he retired from the smuggling business and left Chicago.

O'Donnell Moonshine - today

We have revived the disreputable drink of the past. Our O'Donnell Moonshine is handcrafted in Germany according to the old rules of the distilling art and made with natural ingredients. The original preserving jars "Mason Jars" come directly from the USA.