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Avantgarde Spirits Company The Old Fashioned

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Product information "Avantgarde Spirits Company The Old Fashioned"

The Old Fashioned

We don't wallow in old times, we just live them our way. Anyone who has an OLD FASHIONED in their hand is anything but old-fashioned. He simply lives the old-fashioned-way-of-life philosophy: Enjoy the moment and taste every single one of it to the full.
Since it is one of the most traditional cocktails ever, we think it more than deserves the name OLD FASHIONED. It's surprising, though, that it was one of the last drinks to be revitalized by the cocktail renaissance of the 1920s. Bourbon, sugar syrup and Aromatic Bitter give it its nostalgic sepia tint, removing any doubt as to why the drink is called what it is called.

Tasting Notes
intense fruity aromas, notes of vanilla, rich in sweet spices and roasted aromas of new oak, toasty, with hints of blood oranges, enticing with dried herbs.
Taste: slightly bitter, with sweet and spicy notes, full mouthfeel, with an idea of candied peels, captivating notes of oak and tart fruits, hints of freshly roasted coffee and cedar wood.
Finish: long and spicy, strong notes of cinnamon, spices and smoky barrel wood caress the palate, with a long-lasting note of blood orange.
Overall: wonderfully rich and spicy - intense Old Fashioned.

Contents: Bourbon Whiskey, sugar syrup, Aromatic Bitter, 0.7 litres, 45.5% vol., orange zest, orange oil.

Sizes: 700 ml and 50 ml (test sizes = for 2 cocktails)

Preparation: Pour into a mixing glass filled with ice cubes, stir well and strain into a tumbler glass. Add a Zeste to the drink. To finish, sprinkle the cocktail with the aroma spray once.

Accesories: Cocktails & Drinks
Avantgarde Spirits Company

Good taste can be so simple. A perfect cocktail from the bottle? Can it really be as good as a freshly mixed drink? No. It's better. And there are two main reasons for that: First, we use only the finest spirits and natural ingredients. Second, these ingredients can combine better in the bottle. Just as good wine matures in the bottle, our cocktails also become better and better through so-called "bottle aging".

With the Bohemian Drinks of the Avantgarde Spirits Company you get true cocktail classics, which have not changed in their recipe for more than 100 years. All 12 of these historic drinks make every occasion a very special one. Because Bohemian Drinks convince as a perfect companion, as classic aperitifs and digestifs or simply as what they are: top-class cocktail classics.