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Beyer's Oil Box

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Product information "Beyer's Oil Box"

The Beyer's Oil Box contains everything the beard and hair need.


Beyer's Oil Beard oil Eisenkraut makes the beard softer and gives the facial skin a moist feeling.


Beyer's Oil Beard Balsam Eisenkraut is a balm that nourishes the beard hair, makes the beard smoother and brings it into shape. The beard feels softer and scratches less. In addition, the facial skin under the beard is nourished and less dry. This makes the skin less itchy and scaly. The beard retains its shape better due to the beard balm and fewer hairs stick out.

Handmade in Bavaria from 100% natural oils of jojoba (from organic cultivation), lemon verbena, bergamot and lavender. Beeswax from Chiemgau, shea butter and wool wax, jojoba oil are also contained in the beard balm.


The Beyer's Oil Beard Brush (small) is a brush specially designed for the beard and is handmade in the Black Forest from pear wood and wild boar bristles. It measures 90 x 28 mm and can be taken anywhere due to its small size. The beard brush brings the beard hair into shape, massages the facial skin and stimulates sebum production. Old beard hairs are removed and the beard becomes smoother and shinier.


  • Beard Care Beginner Set
  • Beyer's Oil Beard Oil Eisenkraut makes the beard softer and nourishes the facial skin.
  • Beyer's Oil Beard Balsam Eisenkraut makes the beard smoother and brings it into shape.
  • Beyer's Oil Beard Brush (small) shapes the beard hairs and makes the beard shinier
  • Invigorating and refreshing fragrance
  • 100% natural
  • Handmade in Germany (Bavaria)

Contents: Beard Oil 30 ml / Beard Balm 60 ml / Beard brush (small)

Accesories: Body Care
  • Bart waschen. 2-3 mal pro Woche mit
 Bartshampoo oder Bartseife, sonst nur mit Wasser
  • Trocknen lassen. Wenn’s schnell gehen muss,
 lauwarm föhnen und gleichzeitig mit einer
 Bartbürste kämmen. Macht den Bart glatter
  • Etwa 4-5 Tropfen Bartöl auf der Handfläche
 verreiben und in die Haut unter dem Bart einmassieren. Verhindert Juckreiz & Schuppen
  • Erbsengroße Menge Bartbalsam oder Bartpomade gleichmässig im Bart verteilen. Pflegt, glättet und formt den Bart, lässt weniger Haare abstehen
Beyer's Oil

Bastian Beyer

During parental leave, Bastian Beyer started to develop care products made of natural ingredients for his own beard. A barbershop friend of his was enthusiastic and wanted to include them in the shop's range of products immediately. Since 2015, after a series of tests, Beyer's Oil beard care products have been available in stores - now available in over 100 barbershops, concept stores and online shops in 10 countries.

100% Natural
All Beyer's Oil products are made entirely from natural ingredients and are compliant with natural cosmetics. Bastian Beyer uses only high-quality ingredients such as beeswax from a small beehive in his home village near Lake Chiemsee and jojoba oil from controlled organic cultivation. Precious oils of lemon verbena (verbena), bergamot, lavender and juniper provide a refreshing scent.

Handmade in Bavaria
All Beyer's Oil products are manufactured in Bavaria. Bastian Beyer also pays attention to regional processing. For packaging and shipping, he works together with surrounding family businesses; brushes and combs are manufactured in smaller factories.