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Bon Parfumeur Afterhomework

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Product information "Bon Parfumeur Afterhomework"

NEW Fragrance - Afterhomework 2019

Bon Parfumeur has commissioned Karine Dubreuil to create this fragrance inspired by vodka and tobacco. The focus is on quality and the exclusive formulation, which is both unique and effective. A deconstructed fragrance that overrides the idea of doing something in moderation. A cigarette on the lips, a frosty glass of vodka on the fingertips, a Paris underground evening flirting with decadence and scandal.

Top notes: orange bitters, Vietnamese basil, peppermint, vodka chord.

Heart notes: Ceylon cinnamon, icy melon, pink peppercorns, juniper berry

Base note: Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, tobacco

Olfactory description

Afterhomwork offers the most striking olfactory immersion. Fresh, lively, strongly spicy, intensely woody and reminiscent of tobacco. Not half-hearted, one quickly dives into a world that lies somewhere between heat and freshness and is addictive.

Afterhomework 2019 is a long-lasting and penetrating fragrance that captivates with its strength and intense, bubbly freshness.

The ice breaks open under an explosion of vodka peel and mint, arousing an intense desire for tasting. This new beginning is immediately warmed by the pleasant notes of cinnamon and pepper that spice up the composition. The whole reveals the woody notes of vetiver and tobacco leaves, which give the fragrance a beguiling character.

Accesories: Body Care
Bon Parfumeur

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