Blue de Gênes Knit Hoodie Manu

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Loose-fitting, soft sweater with hood made of pure merino wool. Details: Material:... more
Product information "Blue de Gênes Knit Hoodie Manu"

Loose-fitting, soft sweater with hood made of pure merino wool.


  • Material: 100 % merino wool
  • Colour: dark grey
  • rice grain optics
  • Regular Fit
  • Made in Italy
Material: Merinowolle
Farbe: anthrazit
Kleidungsstück: Strick
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Blue de Gênes

More than 400 years ago, dock workers in Genoa made robust clothing from Arabic cotton called 'Geanes fustian'. Dyed blue with indigo, the durable material was ideal for dock work. The 'Blue from Genoa' - 'Bleu de Gênes' is exported all over the world and makes the 'Blue Jeans' world famous. This story inspired a beautiful denim brand from Denmark to get its name: Blue de Gênes. "Indigo flows through the veins here," they joked. But it's true. You can tell by looking at each denim how much heart and soul it contains. In a small denim factory in Firenze, Italy, the denims are lovingly made by hand. Individual details, personally signed labels and historical manufacturing methods, such as reinforced back pockets and old rivets, refer to another time when denim production was still a true artisan's craft. The combination of classic, traditional values and the redefinition of the stylish, modern man creates an authentic, refined yet pithy vintage look.

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